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Kitchen and Bathroom Removals

Just Strip It provides a range of bathroom and kitchen removal services throughout Brisbane QLD. We remove all required fixtures and fittings with accuracy and attention to detail. Whether it is a full room removal or simply the removal of a single fixture; there is no job too big or small for us!

The friendly and professional team at Just Strip It are happy to provide you with personalised advice based on years of experience and expertise in the bathroom and kitchen removal field. We advise that all amenities such as electricity or water should be isolated by a licensed electrician or plumber prior to the commencement of removal work.

Fixtures and Fittings

When undertaking the removal of materials from a kitchen or bathroom Just Strip It approaches each project individually. Fittings and fixtures such as vanity units and toilets are often tied in closely with tiles and floor systems, requiring technicians to use the utmost care and precision when extracting each item. Just Strip It is committed to providing you with expert advice and service when undertaking such projects.

Wet Area Tiles

Generally wet areas are built with a recess in the concrete subfloor, to allow for tapering from perimeter to a specific drainage point.

Wall Tiles and Renders

When removing wall tiles it is vital to remove all coatings and bonding agents between the tile and the underlying cement render. Removal of wall tiles can weaken the existing render and cause it to break away; often resulting in the needs to remove and replace sections of the original render. Just Strip it advises that you consider potential cracking hazards in existing walls during the removal process. We are happy to provide guidance and service that cater to your individual wall tile removal needs. See ‘guide to classification- tiles’ for further information and advice.

Rubbish Removal

Removing materials from the kitchen and bathroom can produce a large amount of waste as fixtures and fittings are often bulky. Depending on the scale of the project skip hire may be a consideration.