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Concrete Grinding

Just Strip It specializes in concrete grinding throughout Queensland. Concrete grinding is often necessary for the removal of contaminants that have been left behind by existing floor systems. Generally used to eradicate remaining epoxy resins, bonding agents, glue and paints; concrete grinding can also be useful when levelling uneven surfaces prior to the application of a new floor system. Whether it is a small section of your home or a commercial property.

Just Strip It is able to cater for your concrete grinding needs; there is no job too big or small for us! Just Strip It will happily provide you with advice from our team of experts for all your concrete grinding requirements.

Grinding concrete can be a difficult process so Just Strip It uses the most advanced concrete preparation tools and procedures. Our highly experienced staff and superior safety systems will ensure that all concrete is prepared to the highest standards for future resurfacing. This provides the foundations for your floor to become an asset to your home or business upon completion of renovations.

Concrete Grinding Equipment

Just Strip It has concrete grinding equipment to cater for both large and small scale projects. Below is a list of the machines that we use in order to achieve superior results.

  • The Satellite 550mm is a three phase machine for a large scale planetary grinding machine, designed with the latest in grinding technology.
  • The Satellite 480mm Diamond Grinder is a large single phase machine. It is an aggressive concrete grinding tool designed for removal of glues and coatings from contaminated concrete surfaces. It is compact enough to allow access to any concrete surface.
  • The Meteor 250mm is a single phase machine designed for domestic use. This is a walk behind edging tool, designed to reduce the labour demands on the operating technician. This machine is also ideal for reaching those small high spots found in domestic dwellings.
  • The Hitachi 9” grinding tool coupled with a 7” aggressive diamond wheel is designed to remove coatings from stairs, cupboards and within 5mm of wall edges and doorframes.

Does your concrete need grinding?

There are many reasons to consider concrete grinding and Just Strip it suggest that you consider the future flooring system that will be used in your space. Consider the condition of the underlying concrete slab once the existing flooring is removed. If it needs reconditioning or resurfacing we are happy to service your individual project needs.